Thursday, May 19, 2011

On Wednesday morning MFK (my friend Kathy) called and we were having an A.M. chat when suddenly my dog, Duncan the Wonder Dog, went crazy barking!!  I should tell you that Duncan goes crazy barking when the mail lady is on our street, when the UPS truck is in the neighborhood, when the kids across the street are out playing without him, when the lawn service guy comes to treat the lawn, when someone is out walking a dog, or when someone comes to the door.  He does, however, have a "special-crazy" level of intensity for delivery people to our house.  As I was "chatting it up" with Kathy, I recognized the "special-crazy" barking, heard the doorbell ring, and strolled past crazy dog to the front door.  And what did I spy outside my front door?  A big box from Cricut!!!!

"Oooh, Kathy!  My E2 is here!!", I screeched into the phone.  Kathy is such a good person, she did not say a word as I most certainly burst her eardrum!  Well we decided right then and there that Kathy HAD to come over, because let's be honest, Cricut packs these boxes so that four arms are required for easy product unpacking!

While awaiting Kathy's arrival, I moved the box into the house.  However, Duncan thought HE should open the box.  In the last few months Duncan has decided that all packages delivered to our house are for him.  He tries to open all boxes, lays on smaller packages, and grumps, growls and fusses when we take the package away from him.  I put the E2 box up on a desk to keep Duncan from ripping the box open.

After opening the E2 and visiting with Kathy, I put the new Expression 2 on my Cricut desk.  It just fits between the Imagine and original Expression machines! 

In the photo below you can see Duncan in the Cricut shipping box.  He carried on about the box when Kathy arrived she suggested putting him inside the box.  I approved her suggestion and she placed him inside the box.  It was funny - he relaxed and looked quite happy, though even when he wanted out he would not jump out.  He patiently waited for Kathy to lift him out.  I think she may have found a way for us to break him of his package attacks - give him a timeout inside a box!!!

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