Monday, May 2, 2011

Happy Monday!  Today is going to be a day filled with news reports and waving American flags.  The President's late night announcement that U.S. Special Forces took out Osama Bin Laden in his headquarters in Pakistan is going to be headlining every news show today.  And well it should.   Normally I try to avoid politics on my blog, but I feel like this is an American moment/a westernized world moment/a tribute to freedom moment, not so much a political moment. 

Wow - how do I follow up this news with a normally Monday blog post?  I guess I just jump in!  Our wonderful Bitten by the Bug 2 blog and design team leader, Heather, selected this week's challenge cut.  Heather chose the eaten apple from the Preserves cartridge.  I will admit that this was a true challenge for me.  Finally I decided to work on some preschool flash cards.  My daughter is majoring in Early Childhood Education so these cut cards will be wonderful for her.

In addition to Preserves, I also used Kate's ABC's for the "A" cut above as well as the phrase "is for apple".  I used the A Child's Year to cut the basic card shape as well as the two matting pieces.  

Before I close, I want to share how I made this cute little corner embellishment.  I took a cardstock sticker and attached it to the corner of my "A" cut.  I used a 1/4 inch hole punch to enlarge the existing hole in the sticker as well as create a hole though the "A" cardstock.  I then took a four inch strip of apple ribbon, tied a simple knot in the middle of the ribbon, and then I pulled the ends through the hole.  I pulled the ends until the knot reached the hole, then I spread the ribbon out to be visible under the leaves. 

I am actually a bit ahead of schedule in crafting this week.  My next several projects are ready to share with you so be sure to drop by again tomorrow!!  I promise more paper crafting, less news!!

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